The Joyful Organizer's Guide To a Joyful Move SKU: 113720

Moving doesn't have to be stressful. Our guide tells you everything you need to know so you can move across town or across the country, smoothly and stress free.


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Maybe you have heard the statistic that moving is one of life's top three stressors. Don't be scared! You have already taken the first step to a stress-free move. As a former relocation specialist and current professional organizer, I have created this guide to get you organized, to give you an all-in-one resource for information, and to give you a place to store the many documents associated with your move. Working with transferring employees I found that the most common complaint was that there was no "manual" to help with the home sale, packing, and move-in process. There was no guide that said, "Do this first!" or "Don't do that!" This guide was created to keep people on the path to a smooth relocation.